March 4-8

**Tuesday, March 5th is an early release day.



This week in reading we will be reading the non-fictional story Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell. We will use this story to begin our discussion on biographies, or stories about peoples’ lives. Through this story we focus on a story’s structure.

**Poster credit goes to Rooted in Reading by Amy Lemons and Katie King**

We will also be learning about comparative adjectives. We know that adjectives are describing words. We use comparative adjectives to compare between two things. We use the suffix -er to compare these things. Check out a couple examples used in sentences below.

**Poster credit goes to Rooted in Reading by Amy Lemons and Katie King**

We will be working on the phonics sounds ou/ow as well.


This week in math we will continuing learning about fractions. When we talk about fractions we talk about finding the part of a whole. Check out the video below for a few examples of real life fractions.

**Poster credit goes to Nicole Swisher**

We will also be reviewing and testing what we have learned so far about shapes and fractions. Students will be tested over the following materials:

  • Identifying polygons
  • Identifying quadrilaterals
  • Identifying and drawing congruent shapes
  • Identifying 2D and 3D shapes (name, how many faces, vertices, etc.)
  • Identifying and making fraction

Thanks for stopping by! Check back next week for more updates on our learning!