March 11 – 15

**Tuesday, March 12th is an early release day.

**Monday, March 18th there is no school due to a staff learning day



This week in reading we will be reading the fictional story That’s What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting. We will use this story to focus on fictional story structure including identifying the setting, characters, and character traits.

We will also be learning about collective nouns. We know that nouns are people, places, or things. When you have a collection, or a large group of a certain nouns, we sometimes use a collective noun to talk about the whole group. Check out a couple examples used in sentences below.

**Poster credit goes to Rooted in Reading by Amy Lemons and Katie King**

We will be working on the phonics sounds ew/ue as well.


This week in Math we will be starting our new unit on graphing and data. If you are following along at home, this unit matches with Chapter 10 of Go! Math. We will begin with practicing ways to classify and sort data into different forms (picture graphs, bar graphs, tables, etc.). Students will also be surveying and collecting their own data to represent in a variety of graphs.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back next week for more updates on our learning!