December 3 – 7

**Tuesday, December 4th is an early release day.



Due to lots of extras in our schedule last week (Art, Field Trip, Book Fair, etc.) we did not have enough time to give our story Those Shoes  the attention it deserved so we are continuing to work on that story this week. We will be learning more about those skills mentioned last week (repeated below).

This week in reading we will continue reading the fictional story Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts. Through this story we will be focusing on making inferences, specifically through the facial expressions and dialogue the author shares with us. We will make connections to our own lives to help relate to the characters and gain a better understanding for what the author’s purpose for writing the story was.

We will also be discussing antonyms and synonyms. Antonyms are words that mean the opposite of each other, like hot and cold. Synonyms are words that mean the same, like happy and glad. Check out the poster below for another example!

**Poster credit goes to Rooted in Reading by Amy Lemons and Katie King**

This week we will also be working on other r-controlled vowel sounds as well with the patterns er, ir, and ur.


This week in Math we will continue our focus on 2-digit subtraction. Students this week will be focusing on when they need to ungroup (or borrow) in a subtraction problem and when they do not. This can be a tricky concept for 2nd graders so we refer to the poem from last week which really helps students remember what conditions require ungrouping and which don’t.

We will also begin working on story problems with 2-digit addition and subtraction.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back next week for more updates on our learning!