November 26 – 30

**Tuesday, November 27th is an early release day.

**On Wednesday, November 28th  we will be visiting the Alviso wetlands. Make sure to turn in your permission slips! We are so excited to learn more about food chains and webs, habitats, and different plant and animal species.  For this field trip, we will be leaving West Valley at around 9am. Students will need to bring a disposable lunch bag and a drink. It might be cool in the morning and then warmer in the afternoon, so make sure your child wears a jacket and shoes appropriate for outdoor walking. Please note that due to our busy schedule for our day at the Wetlands, we will return to school at 2:10 pm.



This week in reading we will be reading the fictional story Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts. Through this story we will be focusing on making inferences, specifically through the facial expressions and dialogue the author shares with us. We will make connections to our own lives to help relate to the characters and gain a better understanding for what the author’s purpose for writing the story was.

We will also be discussing antonyms and synonyms. Antonyms are words that mean the opposite of each other, like hot and cold. Synonyms are words that mean the same, like happy and glad. Check out the poster below for another example!

**Poster credit goes to Rooted in Reading by Amy Lemons and Katie King**

This week we will also be working on r-controlled vowel sounds as well with the patterns, ar and or.


This week in Math we will shift our focus from 2-digit addition to 2-digit subtraction. We will be introducing students to the concept of “ungrouping” or turning a ten into ten ones. Check out the example below.

**Poster credit goes to Guided Math**

We will also be using the following poem to help us know when we need to ungroup and when we do not. This really helps students to explain their thinking in the future!

**Poster credit goes to Katie King**

Thanks for stopping by! Check back next week for more updates on our learning!